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Most of our internships in Japan are available with a minimum duration of 4 weeks.

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Professional English language internships, which offer you a practical training and at the same time spice up your CV.

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The internships in Japan offer all requirements to be bale to be acknowledged as a mandatory university internship.


The internship companies are located in Fukuoka, on the southernmost island of Japan.

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Top Internship Branches in Japan

  • Marketing and Event Management
  • Media/Design
  • IT
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Renewable Energy
  • Social Work

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What's special about a internship in Japan

Japan is great proof that both the preservation of cultural heritage and a highly modern lifestyle can flourish together in harmony. Through an internship in Japan you not only get hands on experience with this unique culture but also will add a gold star to your resume, as this industrial and corporate world is very distinct from the West. With good trip planning, careful selection of the host organization and an accurate calculation of the costs, you're in for an unforgettable time in Japan.

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Discover Japan

Sushi & Co.

During your internship in Japan you'll casually become a sushi expert. What was formerly sold as street food for little money, is now internationally popular. The Japanese are very proud of their traditional food and are very happy when foreign tourists show interest in the various and often unusual dishes.

While the majority of the Japanese people do not understand the vegetarian diet, the variety of ingredients allow for that option. So if you prefer meatless food during your internship in Japan, you can easily adjust, just be prepared for a few questions and many bewildered expressions. This should not deter you from attacking your Japan adventure.

Internship in Fukuoka

Living in Japan - Tokyo and Kyoto probably come to mind, but have you ever heard of Fukuoka? Rather than an internship in one of the busy cities of Japan, why not take one up in a small province, again as stated: oh Fukuoka. The name you'll remember once you read our 5 good reasons why an internship in Fukuoka is highly recommended:

Fukuoka - One of the World's 10 Most Sustainable Cities

This is the life! You’ll find clean and safe public transport, which gets you anywhere within 15 minutes, and green parks and facilities covering more than half of the city. Even the beach and sea are just a short distance away, giving the city the salty breeze that adds zest to your stay abroad.

A Compact and Cheaper Experience of Japan

Large enough to comprise all of Japans benefits; small enough to enjoy a safe and relaxed stay abroad. Many of the attractions are easily reached on foot or by bicycle. A very fashion-conscious population allows for good and cheap shopping.

Combines Modernity and Tradition

In this vibrant, modern city-life the sense of tradition is not hidden! In the castle walls you will go back in time to ancient Japan. The shrines and temples show you just what you would expect from Japan.

Combine an Internship with a Language Course:

Going back to school after working? Everyone knows that learning Japan is no fun, at least until now! Complete next to your internship a Japanese language course and you will have more fun while learning than ever before. Here you will not only sit within the 4 walls of a classroom, but will also take part in great activities and events, deepening your Japanese language skills, bringing you closer to the culture and making new friends. Kanji and calligraphy, karate, origami and Stand up Paddling are just a few of the activities!

Top Companies in an Intimate Working Environment

With all these positive aspects, it is certainly understandable why Fukouka is one of the fastest growing cities in Japan. More and more young companies are moving here and appreciate the strategic advantages of this small wonder city. To intern here means that you will work in top companies with a familiar and young atmosphere! Here you’ll have more opportunity to be actively involved in the company and enjoy the magnificent hospitality of Fukuokaners.

Everything is Different in Japan - and Everything is Better? Find Out for Yourself as an Intern

Those who choose Japan as a country for an internship must adapt to an alien world, starting with meals and on to the work and corporate culture. For example, in most companies, all colleagues meet before the start of work for group exercise to promote health and create unity among colleagues. In even the "smallest room" you’ll find culture shock...the Japanese toilets with a seat heater, Wi-Fi and a music system, are nothing unusual in today’s Japanese bathrooms. Whether you will come home to your accommodation to enjoy such a special toilet, we can not promise, but you will definitely get to know many interesting people. Find more interesting facts about your stay in Japan on our website.

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