The country on the south-western fringe of Europe fascinates with its diversity - and this applies to more than just the culinary delights. Scarcely any other country can compete with such a varied landscape and culture on such a small surface. The mild climate, which gives the always friendly Portuguese over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, makes Portugal a dream destination for all sunbathers. In addition to culture lovers, above all, water sports fans will also find themselves in their element. More than 1,500 kilometers of coastline invite surfers and divers to enjoy the 'vida descontraida'. Let yourself be carried away by the Portuguese flair.


Fast Facts


From 12 Weeks

The internships in Portugal are available with a minimum duration of 12 weeks.


Professional Internships

Professional English language internships, which offer you a practical training and at the same time spice up your CV.



The internships in Portugal offer all requirements to be bale to be acknowledged as a mandatory university internship.



The internships are located in the coastal town of Peniche.

Traditional Bullfighting

Bullfights have a long tradition in Portugal, as well as in neighboring Spain. As a social event, the Corrida de Toiros was introduced around the 17th century. Since then the typical clothing of the bullfighters has not changed. Since the 18th century it is forbidden in Portugal to kill the bull during the fight in the arena. The bulls are attacked with spears from the horse according to certain rules. In a second round, the bull is then captured by a group of bull catchers with bare hands and taken out of the arena. In Portugal there are big protests against the bullfights. More and more, especially young Portuguese, disregard this form of cruelty to animals and demonstrate for the abolition of this tradition, which is celebrated every year between Easter and October.

Internship Guide Portugal

Portugal has a lot to offer

This is the place where everyone gets their money's worth. No wonder the country at the westernmost point of Europe annually houses more tourists than it has inhabitants. An internship in Portugal will give you a look behind the scenes. You will work where other people go on holiday and so, experience the real life on this Atlantic coast. There is no better way to really get to know the country and its people than living with the locals. And because the Portuguese are such an open-minded and hospitable people, you will not have trouble making connections. However, new country means new customs. Read here to find out what you should know about Portugal and its inhabitants, so as not to step on any toes.

Be Active in Portugal

One thing goes undisputed: Portugal is a sporting nation, especially since the long season of good weather invites you to extensive outdoor activities. Picture a long, bright sandy beach, where the waves of the crystal clear Atlantic shimmer in the sun. On the surface of the water are swimmers, surfers and windsurfers and underwater divers marveling at the diving wrecks and schools of fish. That’s it! Portugal has the best conditions for water sports and the best known surf spots in Europe. Whether you're a passionate surfer or trying it out for the first time, you'll be more than satisfied with an internship in this surfer’s paradise. Nowhere else will you find more surf camps right near your accommodation. Chill around the fire pit and enjoy the relaxed surfer lifestyle.

There are more than just water sports in Portugal! The mountains invite you on mountain bike tours, climbing adventures and slopes to ski (of course only in winter). The varied scenery can also be enjoyed on a horseback ride or on the increasingly popular hiking tour. Portugal is also a paradise for golfers - whether beginner or advanced. Choose from one of the 50 golf courses to find the perfect place for every level and ability. The national sport is soccer! Every Portuguese is burning for one of the three big clubs FC Porto, Sporting or Benfica Lisbon. They are proud of their world-class players, Ronaldo and Luís Figo.

Portugal to Enjoy

During your stay abroad you will quickly find that the sun, beach, sea and work are not all there is to Portugal. The Portuguese are much more than surfing and football. You’ll find typical Mediterranean ingredients on the menu, like fish, olive oil, garlic and sheep milk cheese. The sailors have left their mark with spices, such as coriander, ginger or chilli, that give the Portuguese cuisine an exotic touch.

To enjoy your food in good company is part of the lifestyle in Portugal.

During your stay abroad, you will surely be able to enjoy many cozy evenings with great food. Traditionally, there is always plenty of fish and other seafood on the table in Portugal and, of course, it’s always fresh. A special feature is the Bacalhau, a salted codfish. Not a seafood lover? There are plenty of other delicious options. The various stews and soups are as hearty as they are finely seasoned. If that sounds too rich, just order petiscos. These small appetizers are similar to the Spanish tapas. Do you have a sweet tooth? The Portuguese definitely know their pastries. Oh, and treat yourself to a glass of port wine! Why not?

Why look into the distance...

...if the good is so close!

Collecting professional experience abroad not only adds an impressive quality to your CV, but you will also grow personally, rediscovering yourself and collecting new impressions to take back to your home country. Immerse yourself in a foreign culture, gain personal and professional experiences and discover a new way of life. During your internship abroad in Portugal you can combine work with fun by the sea - even on a small budget.

5 Reasons to Complete an Internship in Portugal:

If you are looking for an internship abroad with adventure and minimal culture shock, then Portugal may be the spot for you. Here are 5 good reasons for an internship abroad in Portugal:

  • Minimal culture shock: Experience a foreign culture without the major culture shock. Being a Western European culture, you are not all that far from home.
  • Variety: Dive into a different world and visit bustling cities as well as remote and lonely landscapes. Your discovery journey brings you closer to Portuguese food, music and lifestyle.
  • Designing your own leisure time: Just enjoy the varied leisure activities and try new sports.
  • Accommodation included: Just arrive and feel at home. Our internship program in Peniche includes accommodation.
  • Course offer: For the internships in Peniche, you will be entitled to a surfing and diving course. That saves you money and you can learn a new sport or develop your skills.

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