Is an internship in Bali and the island life a good combination?

Bali – a tiny spot in the Indian Ocean, a big spot in its visitors’ heart. Who already experienced Bali’s magic, knows that Bali, somehow, has the answer to all what you keep deep inside your soul. If there would be a medicine which can heal loneliness, depression, absence of appetite and achromatism at the same time, it should be named “Bali”. But is Bali a good place to do an internship?

Interview with interns in Bali

During the monthly students’ gathering in a café in Seminyak, all interns and volunteers came together. They met their project coordinators and talked a lot about their main tasks in their host companies, what their opinion is, what they love and maybe hate about Bali and what they will definitely miss. Here, for you as a video clip:

We sum-up:

Nothing for over-enthusiastic ones

All agree: you cannot compare the European way of working with how things are handled here.  Everything is relaxed which is quite understandable when it is 30 degrees among the shades and you have a pool in your office areal. Moreover, numerous cultures collide here as the expats are from all over the world. The working atmosphere is a compromise where everyone can restore and self-actualize themselves somehow. So, who cannot lose their hold of the German way of working, which is undeniably linked to punctuality and accurateness, might have a hard time here in Bali.

Also, for those who have high expectations regarding international influence and size of the host companies Bali might not be the best decision.  All host companies are very small to medium sized and have only limited influence on the international market but so much the better experience for the interns: the relationship with employees is quite personal and the interns are noticed and integrated in the team. The tasks they get are responsible and have high influence on the companies’ business.

About the life style...

Food is a huge part which seems to define the life in Bali – after all, 8 out of 9 interviewed interns name it without being asked. Balinese dishes are multifaceted, cheap and above all very tasty. Those who do not try something new will definitely miss a great new experience.

Everyone might ask following: is there enough time for exploring and travelling besides the daily work? Well, given the fact that our interviewees’ have nice tanned skin, most host companies do give enough free time.

Internship + Bali lifestyle = a smart combination?

Who wants to do an internship in Bali has to be aware of scaling down the expectations about a professional internship but in return the quality of life will increase incomparable. A glance at the video clip reveals whether it is worth it. Who did not realized it: the great vibe of all interns is absolutely unique and reflect perfectly what it means to do an internship on this paradisiacal island.

We thank those interns we were able to interview.