Language Trips Abroad


Would you like to learn a new language at a high quality language school or deepen your existing knowledge with the help of professional language teachers? You have the option to choose between five different languages​​. For example, you can improve your English language in world cities such as Miami, London, New York or Sydney. You can also combine a language course in Nice with a holiday on the Mediterranean. Another option is to travel to Shanghai to study Chinese, a language spoken by over 1.2 billion people worldwide. There are numerous other opportunities to learn languages ​​in mesmerizing cities.

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Language schools

Choose from a variety of 40 language schools worldwide in 16 different countries. The team of well-trained language teachers work on a high quality standard in every school. The language schools have been honored several times by independent media. Combine your language travel with a holiday in one of our dream destinations lake Hawaii, Miami, New York, Nice or Sydney. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to connect to different people from all over the world during your language travel.

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Language year abroad

Do you want to perfect your English language skills, or refresh your almost-forgotten French, or maybe do you simply want to learn Spanish from scratch? A language year abroad might be the perfect opportunity for you to implement your plan. You have the choice to learn a new language like English, Spanish, French, Italian or Chinese, or you can improve it. During a language year you will spend six to nine month abroad and in addition, you can individually design your stay abroad by adding academic electives, an internship abroad or an internationally standardized language certification.

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More information

Here you get different information about the language trips. You get to know what costs in different language travels and courses approaching you and what accommodations are offered at the different destinations. So you can choose for example between hotels, apartments or private homestays. Furthermore you can read neutral articles, which are valuing the language course programs or look up the available awards and prizes.  

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