Your Local Coordinator in Ghana

Here we briefly introduce the team from our partner office in Ghana. Prince and his colleagues will place you in your volunteer project or internship, organize everything you need and will help you with all your questions. They will share their inside knowledge with you - so that your time as globetrotter will become the highlight of your life!

Meet Prince

You hear laughter? Then Prince is around the corner! The funny Ghanaians loves football and never misses a chance to watch a game with his friends. If there is no game season at the moment you will find him at the beach because he loves to relax there with his family. Besides that he loves children. Not for nothing he is working successfully as a project coordinator since 2008 and is looking after the volunteers who, like himself, believe in a better future for Ghanaian children.en.

My name is Prince, a Ghanaian by birth and resident in Ghana. I started in June 2008 to promote the welfare of people living in deprived communities of Ghana through the voluntary work placement. I have a background in community development project management and now work as a Project Coordinator. I have travelled to United Kingdom, Denmark and Nigeria for vacation and project management seminars. Football I my favourite sports and I’m a humorous person. My job provides me the platform t relate with the grassroot people, and also grant me the opportunity to inspire people from all backgrounds to speak out on issues and take action for the underprivileged people.

My biggest challenge about my job Volunteers’ inability to adapt to their new culture and thereby compare living standards in Africa to that of Europe or North America. Most Volunteers have great expectation in the area of living standards. Some Volunteers are great critics of impact of projects but yet will not suggest possible solutions.

Ghana is the safest country in West Africa regarding crime. You are probably safer walking in the streets here than you are at home. Most people are friendly, warm and helpful. The weather is hot, humid and frequently. Ghana has beautiful beaches, resorts and historical sites for sightseeing. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn the beautiful culture and traditions of the people. By 7am, I’m out of bed and organize breakfast.  I respond to clients and Volunteers emails for about two hours depending on the number of emails available. I try as much as possible to respond to Volunteers email promptly especially with pre-departure information. By 12pm, I organize my lunch and spend at least an hour to rest. By 2pm I drive to the various project site to monitor the progress of Volunteers, sometimes organize workshops and interview project partners about the contribution of Volunteers to the projects.

At home, I relax by reading books and having good time with my family. I do join friends on short trips to beach as well as watch football games. From 2015, I want to complete the construction of an orphanage I started about two years ago. The children’s’ home will provide shelter for orphans, streets kids and abandoned children in Ghana. The project will provide basic quality education, medical care, welfare and friendly environment for children to grow. My aim is to see the children grow to become useful citizens in the society.