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Local Coordinator ++ Volunteer ++ Internship ++ Mauritius

Say Hi to Your Local Coordinator in Mauritius!

Meet our local coordinator that will help make your stay in Mauritius the fullest it can possibly be!

We would like to briefly introduce the team from our partner office in Mauritius. Andreas and His Colleagues will help you in your volunteer project or internship placement and organization. They will gladly share their inside knowledge with you - and help make your time as globetrotter become the highlight of your life!

Meet Andreas!

Andres fell in love with the beauty of Mauritius. This is apparently why he moved here with his whole family. What he loves the most about his new home is the modern, open-minded and safe way of living. Andreas will transmit this feeling to all interns, as he knows: Mauritius is the best place on earth to make extraordinary working experiences abroad.

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