Your local coordinator in the US

Here we briefly introduce the team from our partner office in the US. Andrey and his colleagues will place you in your internship, organize everything you need and will help you with all your questions. They will share their inside knowledge with you - so that your time as globetrotter will become the highlight of your life!

Meet Andrey

After Andrey has heard during a party about the problems international inters have on their way to their overseas adventure in the US, he decided to start his own agency. Since he likes to travel, he knows how exciting it its to settle into a completely different culture. When he is not busy with application and visa regulation processes of his proteges, he likes to relax with his family either at home or while camping.

Where are you from originally?

I am from USA and have been living in Chicago area for over 15 years.

When did you start to provide internships and volunteer travels?

About 10 years ago at some party I met a foreign student who was currently serving J1 internship in Chicago area. He told me about all the troubles he had to go though to accomplish his dream – incompetent agencies, which failed to give him the whole picture of the process and fees, endless position search and lack of the agency which could combine all steps in one direct line. This evening the idea of the simple and cost efficient agency was born, which could be one stop for all questions and needs.

We are very proud of our high success placement quote and very rewarding feedback.

Where else did you travel to so far?

Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Mexico and India

What do you love in general?

Good food, traveling and brain teasers

What do you love about your job?

Each case is a new challenge; we do our best to find the best possible placement. In many cases people have found really great jobs after their international experience. It’s nice to know we have also contributed a little to that success.

What do you dislike about your job?

Again, each case is a challenge and we are happy to face it. But it’s impossible to help a person with unrealistic expectations. International internship program is not for every person since it’s not an arranged vacation.

What do you want to show to volunteers about your (new) home country?

US offers such a great variety of tourism attractions: Niagara Falls, Great Canyon, Yellow Stone National Park just to mention a few. But it’s mostly the people who make the difference. Come and see for yourself.

How does your normal day look like?

Americans are truly workaholics, so my normal day is mostly Skype meetings with new participants, talking to companies about the program, following up on the visa applications , etc..

What do you do at home to relax your mind?

I like to spend time with my family and enjoy camping very much.

Do you like any outdoor activities?

Yeah! Camping, skiing, water sports just to name a few.

Any personal plans for the future that you would like to share?

A backpack trip to Tibet would be really a life changing experience.