Multi Country Trips

Planning a trip around the world can take either several weeks or just one day. We have put together some multi country trips that keep the airfares low but are packed with nothing but pure adventure and globetrotter dreams. These trips are just perfect for those who simply can't decide where to start to explore the world, who want to participate in more than one program or who want to combine a meaningful travel with some adventure. This way , you do not only make an efficient use of your time but also benefit from our discounts. Organize your programs individually or choose from our compiled program combinations!

Plan your individual World Trip

You have the opportunity to compile your own world tour by combining different programs with each other – volunteer work, internship or adventure trip. Where to go is up to you. We support you with the organization and help you in all matters such as visa organization, program selection, accommodation organization and everything related to your travel planning:

Combine Programs in the same Country

Combine several programs in one country and get a 100 Euro discount per project. Please note that some countries (like Indonesia) require a change of visa, which may require you to leave and re-entry to country. Just let us know which projects you would like to combine with each other and we will advise you individually.

Project 1

+ Project 2

= 200 Euro Discount

Combine Programs in several cuntries

If you want to visit projects in different countries, we will give you a discount of 50 Euro per project. You can combine as many projects as you like!

Project 1

+ Project 2

= 100 Euro Discount

Our Multi Country Trips

You just found out that you can actually combine programs? Than you should have a look at the programs put together by us! We were focusing on having a varied offer, on keeping to flight routes as cheap as possible and to be within a time frame of 4 to 9 weeks. So it's just perfect if you can't decided between two or three destinations and if you don't have too much time – for example in the waiting period between high school and university or in your semester break. No matter which continent, which kind of travel or what achievement you are looking for, our multi country trip will cover everything!

Benefit from our program combinations

  • up to 200 euros discount
  • 2 or 3 different stops
  • Combine Volunteer work, internship or adventure
  • Cheap travel routes
  • Effective travel planning: programs from 4 to 9 weeks