What you probably did not know about Namibia

Well, if you're are dealing with this African country for the first time, then you probably do not know much. Nevertheless, you come across bizarre facts while reading travel reports which always make you wonder. So here we go!

A former German colony, aha, right-hand traffic!

No, forget it! It would be too good to be true. In Namibia they drive on the left. Why? Until 1990, it was under South African mandate. And South Africa is known to be a former British colony.

Townships are not only in South Africa

Namibia was, as already mentioned, under the rule of South Africa. The system of apartheid, therefore also ruled here. The black population was therefore housed in homelands or in townships outside the city. These still continue to this day.

Animal sightings with announcements

On a road trip through the barren lunar landscape of Namibia, it will never happen that you leave the car without seeing one animal or another. Thus, the surprise is taken away by roadside signs which prepare for what’s to come. And we aren't just talking about the sheep, though you will see lots of them, but also zebras, ostriches, wild horses and warthogs. And now and again, you’ll see people too

Attention, sand!

What? Sand in the Namib desert? Duh! Why all these road signs? On a drive through the Namib it is expected that one will encounter sand. And plenty of it. However, even after you have continued on and the desert is far behind you, you will continue to find patches of sand. Beware of the sand, laying in fact anywhere from wherever he can. Locks must be taped and camera lenses must be well protected. Also, you should take the “wind” caution signs very seriously because the afternoon often brings strong sandstorms.

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