Must-Sees in Quito

Colonial Center

Historic city center is a listed UNESCO world heritage site. After an earthquake, the entire city was re-constructed, from colonial buildings to beautiful churches. For exploring the old town, best day and time: Sunday 9-16 clock.

Pyramids of "Cochasquí"

About 70km north of Quito, there are 15 pyramids of "Cochasquí". From 1000 AD probably built by the Quito-Caras, the pyramids still remain as a spiritual place. Some Shamans tribes come very often for rituals and ceremonies.

New Quito’s Town

Only 20 minutes away from downtown, Mariscal is a completely different world, the New Quito's Town. Shopping centers, trendy cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs, offering both typical and international dishes. In the evenings, a contagious atmosphere with loud merengue music is everywhere.