Wanted: Studentsgoabroad reporter and blogger

So you are also one of those travelers, who like to leave the fellows at home in envy, non-stop posting awesome pics from your beach days or sunset chill out sessions in Facebook, Instagram and whatsoever. Great! Keep on doing that and receive a 50 USD discount on your volunteer or internship program abroad!

Tell us about your adventure

We are regularly in search of new reporters, who send us regular news and updates from their experiences abroad. Let us know how you prepare for your travel, what do you pack, what makes you so excited about your upcoming travel and of course, tell us about everything that happened to you during your travel. We want to know everything: funny, embarrassing or heart touching stories, insider tips or whatever you would like to share with others. We provide your blog, you post!

While you do everything for free on any Social Media, you will get a 50 USD reimbursement for your efforts with us!

How you become a reporter?

Ask our team, for which countries we would need a reporter. If your favored travel destination is among our list, don’t wait and apply for your adventure abroad. Don’t forget to let us know, that you would be our reporter and we will provide your blog.