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Get to know us and our comprehensive Service and find out what you can expect when planning your trip with StudentsGoAbroad. To us it is very important to arrange everything in a way to ensure you will have an unforgettable trip abroad and really enjoy the time of your life, from which you will take a lot of great memories. 

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In Service & Performance you find insights about our Service, what we offer and what to expect from us and in general before and during your stay abroad. 

Or check out our FAQ´s, to find quick answers right away for questions you have in common with others.

Our Team and Partners all over the world will always be there for your questions and concerns. No matter what project (internship or volunteer work), or country you choose, you don't have to worry, because you are not on your own, but in good hands.

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And if you would like to know our Inspirations and why your time abroad is so important to us, check out Our core Values.

First Hand Information

WE have got exclusive First Hand Information for you. Browse trough other people´s experiences as a Volunteer or Intern with StudentsGoAbroad and read their personal testimonials. We want to show you, that there is no need to be afraid, but excited about everything that expects you abroad and for all the adventures waiting for you. With our Service you don´t need to be worried or stressed, because it is our job to organize everything around your trip, so you can be excited for the time of your life packed with unforgettable memories.

You might just find you personal dream while browsing through our specials! You always wanted to travel together with your best friend but didn't know how to find an internship or volunteer project abroad for the both of you? Just leave it to us...

Or scroll through our Experiences and find personal experiences of other interns and volunteers from all over the world to get an insight how the life and work abroad can look like. In Travel Planning you will find country-specific Information and tips for your adventure abroad.