Application Picture

As the English rules in applying are quite different please always consider the fact the in the US applications that contain a picture of you will not be respected for further selection.

The reason is that companies do not want to be vulnerable to any accusations of discrimination.

Therefore you should not choose your picture in the same way as you would in a domestic application. In the US and in the UK you should leave it out completely. But to be completely sure about it please ask the company before you send out the application (you will have to contact them anyway as you probably want to find out the address of the department leader you are sending your application to).

Furthermore, you might want to ask our service team about assisting you in the selection process for the picture.

In case you will choose to add an application picture here are some tips for you:


  • chose a recent and professional picture – no holiday picture
  • please go to a professional photographer – you can then use that pictures for two years
  • get different pictures with variations in clothing and backgrounds so you can choose later
  • ask family and friends about helping you with picking the right clothing – and in the end with picking the right picture
  • ve well rested and in a good mood for the shoot
  • you should look natural and relaxed on the picture, think about something nice


  • reputable clothing for the shoot, serious colors
  • simple and no cutout or open blouses
  • depending on the job you are looking for but generally men would wear a suit and a tie and women a simple business outfit like a blouse/blazer and some pants/skirt
  • clean and washed


  • a cultivated hair cut is important
  • do not use too much make up and accessories
  • you should look natural and not fake
  • don't be to offensive (no red lipstick or heavy hair)

 You can upload your picture separately to your StudentsGoAbroad profile and the local coordinator will decide individually about forwarding the picture to the company or not. the photo is not just for the application but also to recognize you on-site or airport pick-up.

We wish you good luck with your application!