Curriculum Vitae

The curriculum vitae or short “CV” should not exceed 2 pages and should include the following features:

1. Contact options: But excluding information about your marital status, parents, siblings or religion

2. Personal Statement. Describe what you want to achieve through the position you are applying for

3. School and education: Start with the most recent dates and leave out information about primary school as the CV would grow too extensive

4. In case you have job experience please also state this in a chronological order, starting with the latest job

5. Now inform about your IT and language skills. You may also inform whether you hold a driving license and other qualifications

In blogs and on translation pages in the web you can find the adequate language required for a CV. If there are some qualifications that you cannot find in any translator you might also just state the word in your language and describe briefly what it means.

Please be aware of those facts about an English CV:

  • Don't state any information about your marital status, your origin or religion
  • Don't attache any picture for applications in the US or in the UK
  • The CV is reverse chronological (from newest information to the older one)
  • Also attach a section “career objects” where you put in your career goals

In case you apply with us you may use our templates for your CV. Together with the cover letter we will then redirect it to the according company.

We are wishing you all the best for your application!