Phone interview

In case you are applying abroad you would not have any personal job interview or assessment center due to the areal distance. Most companies therefore decide to interview you on the phone. Here are some valuable tips to nail it:

  • Be honest about your language skills. A lie in the CV will be exposed in the interview
  • Prepare yourself for the interview. Write down some phrases you might want to use and also note down some questions and information about the company itself
  • Always keep your CV close by as the interviewer might refer to it by asking you about it
  • Train yourself by pre playing the scenario with friends so that you are already used to the situation when it comes up.
  • You should also ask questions as this is a sign of your interest in the company. Plus it is not only on them to decide if they employ you but also on you to decide if you want to work there in the first place so you should always make sure you are feeling comfortable with the job you are applying for.