FAQ - Questions and answers

The application process for an internship abroad is easy. You can fill in our online application and apply for one or more internship positions abroad from our database or place a customized order.

Who can apply?

Students, graduates or professionals who are older than 18 years old can apply for an internship abroad.

How do I apply?

Let us know all your requirements and expectations regarding your internship abroad in our Online-Request. The more details, the better! You should register for your internship abroad 1 to 6 months prior to you desired starting date.

How long does the placement take?

If you have a very specific requirement regarding your internship abroad e.g. an internship in the field of genetic engineering and in particular in stem cell research, a placement can last up to 4 months. In more usual fields of study the average placement process takes between 1 and 3 months.

However, in countries like the US or Canada, the visa process takes quite some time, so you should plan at least 6 month for the whole placement and visa application process.

What kind of internship offers do I get?

You will be offered one position that matches your wishes and the information you provided on your registration form. Should you not accept that offer we will, after discussing the reasons, offer you another internship position.

Do I have to do an interview?

In 50% of the cases we will arrange a short interview between you and the respective company. We do not have any influence regarding the success of your application as the company decides whether to have you as an intern and not StudentsGoAbroad.

Will you support me with my application for the internship abroad?

We actively support you with writing your application. You can download some example applications with CVs and motivational letters. If you should have any questions regarding your application we are happy to answer those.

Why do we charge a fee?

The internship search takes a lot of time. We also put a lot of effort into offering challenging and high-quality internships abroad. In addition, we offer a wide range of services. Please also note that the total fee is made up of 2 parts. On the one hand this is the registration fee of StudentsGoAbroad and on the other hand it is the program fee of our local partners.

How long should an internship be?

How long your internship should last depends on your goals for the internship. However, most companies require a minimum duration of 8 weeks. There are also some exceptions that accept interns from 4 weeks onward.

I do not speak the country's language. What to do?

All internships and volunteer programs require you to speak English or in some cases Spanish. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to do a language course in the countries language since in most cases not everyone will speak English there.

What are the usual working hours during my internship abroad?

Working hours can vary a lot. In general you will have to work between 6 to 9 hours a day.

Do I get time off?

Usually you don't. But try to talk to the respective company as a lot of times something can be arranged. You can decide on the duration of the internship upon registration.

Are there any field reports?

You can find a lot of experiences of interns and volunteers in our blog or on our testimonials page.

Can I move if I do not like the accommodation?

We will support you with finding something else.

Will you support me with my travel arrangements?

We are happy to inform you about recommended vaccinations, flights, international insurances and about Visa requirements.