Go Abroad Together and Save Money!

There are many situations where you would wish to have your buddy around. Imagine strolling along one of the vibrant and mouthwatering food corner in Singapore. But already when you are trying to pause for a short time to have a closer look, about 10 locals can’t help starring at you. Next situation: you like to immerse yourself into new cultures and you start to chop the yummy chicken wing with both hand into small pieces an a small Indonesian "Warung" (small Indonesian restaurant). Again, locals start to stare at you with a gleeful smile. Well, do you want to know why? In Indonesia, people consider the left hand as impure and would never use it for eating. Quite an embarrassing situation isn’t it. If your best friend would be here right now, you both would be bursting with laughter. 

Why traveling with friends?

  • You save 50 USD
  • You always carry a piece of home with you.
  • It is always good to know that there is somebody at your side when you’re sick
  • It is double the fun trying new food together
  • Silence isn’t as bad with a friend
  • You don’t need words to laugh together.
  • Getting lost in a city center can turn out to be an adventure.

Going on a trip with friends and staying friends?

You have heard about it many times or even experienced it yourself, that travelling with friends can easily become a nerve-wracking and exhausting trip. One quickly realizes that one doesn't  know the friend as well as one thought. Therefore, we have put together a small checklist for you to determine before planning the trip who is a perfect travel buddy.

Traveling with friends – keep this 5 tips in mind

There are certain rules you should pay attention to when traveling with friends; both during the travel planning and during the adventure.

traveling with friends, our 5 tips