Internship, Volunteer and Surfing

Life’s better when you surf!

There is almost no feeling comparable to surfing. You feel the adrenaline increasing in your body and the ocean beneath your board pushes you forward with speed to surf the wave. Once you have started, there is almost no way to satisfy your hunger for waves. 

Imagine traveling off-the-beaten paths in the most colorful countries of the world and searching for the perfect surf!

We have listed project combinations, where this imagination of the perfect dream can become reality in a few weeks only. Combine your search for the perfect wave with a volunteer abroad or an internship on the world's top surf destinations in countries like Portugal, Chile, Indonesia, South Africa or Spain. 

Internship in Peniche, Portugal

Surf Internship in Tenerife

Surf Internship in Cape Town

Surf Internship in Bali