Paid internships abroad

We know from our own experiences: An internship during your studies can quickly become a costly affair. Not only the flight, but also costs for accommodation, meals and leisure activities for several weeks and month are not to be underestimated. Unfortunately, in some areas and countries it is not common practice to pay interns.

In order to make to project "Internship Abroad" manageable as a student, we have searched our database to present you all the paid internship we offer. Unfortunately, in most cases, your paid internship will not finance the entire trip, but you will be able to cover at least some of the costs.

Our role, of course, remains the same:

  • We support where we can
  • Mediating and organizing
  • Give you tips on the visa application and work permit and
  • Assist you with any other question as far as we can!

In some internship positions it is already mentioned how much the approximately salary will be, in others the payment is negotiable. The best way is to contact us to ask specific questions or to sign up with us. Your paid internship abroad is already awaiting you!