Internship and Volunteering in Sports Programs Abroad

Sports are not only good for keeping you mentally and physically fit, but also create a very special relationship between people of different origins and backgrounds – exactly what we want to achieve with all our internships and volunteer programs! Through sports, we can easily connect and understand one another, even when we do not speak the same language, come from different generations, or have a different level of education. To participate in the sports programs, you do not necessarily have to be a trained sports teacher. In many areas of the sports industry there are plenty of excellent opportunities for an internship or volunteership. Often it is sufficient if you're a physically active person during your leisure time. On this page you will find the most important information about our sports programs.


With good reason, many of our team members are passionate surfers! The positive effects of this sport are very convincing:

  • You build a close relationship with your environment
  • You improve your physical condition
  • It is a great stress reliever
  • It brings your well-being and self-confidence to a whole new level

According to a study, just 30 minutes of surfing a day is enough to see and feel these benefits. The catch: in order to do this, you'd have to have the sea right under your nose! And at Surf Project in Cape Town you have not only that, but also many opportunities to surf with the youngsters from the township Dunoon. For those who would like to improve their skills as a coach, go complete an internship as a surf instructor in Portugal or in a surf school in Tenerife! Those who prefer to take a look into the management and administration of the surf industry, will be in good hands with an internship in a surf and yoga school in Indonesia.

*Holt, Nick: “Surfing and its positive effects on mind and mood”, at: (visited 29.09.2016)

Scuba Diving

Like surfing diving requires a lot of exercise! And, again, is only possible when you are surrounded by water. If you are inspired by warm, turquoise-blue oceans and want to see manta rays or sunfish (Mola mola) instead of carps, then you will not want to miss this chance! Many interns were rewarded by the sight of a Mola Mola during their placement at a diving school in Bali! A little tip: even if your assignment tasks are focussed in the area of sports marketing, you still get many chances to participate in a dive or even get a diving license.

In a bit more chilled waters temperature on the coast of Peniche, recreational divers can actively participate as teachers and complete an internship as a divemaster.

Martial Arts & Other Sports

If your knowledge of martial arts goes beyond Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, Fukuoka, Japan is the place! Here you have a unique opportunity to be a karate, jiu jitsu, Shooto or Kickboxing teacher in a Japanese martial arts school. Test yourself and expand your knowledge of this art with the local teachers.

We can also organize individualized internships for other traditional sports. For example, Elena and Helen completed an internship as swimming instructors in New Zealand. This experience was a perfect complement to their Women’s Sports and Fitness education.

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If you are looking for more internship or volunteer positions: 

  • as a sports teacher or coach,
  • in Sports Management,
  • Sports Photography,
  • Sports Journalism or
  • Sports Event Management

you can simply check your opportunities with us and how likely is a position in your requested field and country.  

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