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  • Do you want to study abroad but don't have time to go abroad for a full semester?
  • Do you want to spend a meaningful summer abroad?
  • Do you want to gain additional skills that will push your career?

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What you can rely on:

check_circle 100% placement rate, no numerus clauses

check_circle 2 to 4 weeks duration

check_circle Credits

check_circle Captivating and meaningful topics

check_circle Acknowledged universities

check_circle Professional development and personal growth

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Summer schools or summer study abroad

There are 2 ways to study abroad: either you study abroad for a full semester of 15 weeks, or you study abroad for only 2 or 4 weeks during your summer school. Summer study, summer sessions or summer schools abroad are short courses abroad that give you the opportunity to study abroad for a short amount of time only. A summer study abroad may provide the same benefits as a semester abroad, while being more affordable and less time-consuming. 

Summer school in the US

Considering professional internships abroad the States are one of our top destinations! A competitive market and the chance to perfect your English are the key benefits for international students to intern in the U.S. The same applies for the summer courses in the USA. Some of the world’s top universities are located in the U.S. and besides countless educational institutes, with most of them offering short courses for professional further education. To spent a summer at an American campus is probably on top of many international students!

Many summer schools in the USA include field trips and excursions to big companies to provide an insight into the American working environment, without doing an internship. During these 2 to 4 weeks summer seminars you will learn more about the processes and strategies in American companies, which are considered a benchmark for many firms in other countries. This knowledge will definitely boost your career and could be the entrance ticket to the international job market!

Summer School in Bali

There are also universities in Indonesia offering summer courses abroad as an alternative to a full semester abroad. Even though these universities may not be among the world’s top educational institutions and you may not even have heard of them before, a summer school in the tropics stand out with meaningful and exotic topics. The summer school in Indonesia offers different short courses in Bali dealing with sustainability and conservation matters, or teaching you more about social work in South East Asia. These 4 weeks programs include a very practical approach offering various field trips next to classroom studies. The objective is to give you new perspectives on topics that you have already heard of before, but actually have never experienced them before first hand. These summer schools in Bali are a perfect combination of academical classroom studies and adventure. Upon completion the classes even grant you credit for your university studies.

Summer schools abroad

Who is eligible for summer schools?

The only requirement is that you need to have reached 18 years of age. No matter if you just graduated from High School, you are enrolled into an university, you are an alumni or if you already have a job. Both summer schools in the Stated and in Bali have no admission standards.

  • person_pin Graduates from 18 years
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  • person_pin Alumni
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What are the benefits for summer schools abroad?

Studying a semester abroad isn’t something you just do out of the blue. You need to plan it long in advance. However, a summer school can be planned in short-term! Your time abroad usually isn’t longer than a holiday and the dates usually fits perfectly into your summer or winter break. Short courses abroad have lower admission standards than a semester abroad, which enables you to apply without gaining specific qualifications beforehand. Just make sure that you don’t miss the application deadlines, which usually end a couple of months before the actual course start. 

Another plus is that summer school programs are cheaper than a full semester.

Summer schools for professional training

Many employees who participate in summer schools abroad seek for personal development and a way to gain additional skills. If you have a job you may stuck in the same position since years with no possibility to gain any knowledge exceeding your job description. A summer seminar abroad gives you a chance to refresh your ideas and provide new motivation. Therefore, they are perfectly suitable for Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns.

Costs for Summer School Studies

Studying abroad in a Summer courses is less expensive than doing a full semester as they only comprise a couple of weeks. Most of these short courses are offered in packages and include:

  • check_circle the tuition fee
  • check_circle study material
  • check_circle excursions
  • check_circle professional supervision
  • check_circle emergency support

The summer school in Bali even include:

  • check_circle airport pick up
  • check_circle accommodation
  • check_circle daily transfer to the university
  • check_circle some meals
  • check_circle  SIM card for your phone

Eventually, there are only a few costs left, that you will need to cover while being abroad such as meals, souvenirs, credit for your phone and additional trips.