Film Production Internship in a Casting Studio in Cape Town, South Africa

from 8 weeks
Working hours
6-8 hours
Minimum age
from 18 years
passion and interest in film

Overview: film production internship in Cape Town, South Africa

The company is a film and media house based in the centre of Cape Town, South Africa. The company is very young and has been started by four innovative, dynamic and fun-loving guys.

The company specializes in corporate videos (adverts and promotional), event videography, music videos as well as sound design and music composition. There is a strong creative team that conceptualizes and collaborates closely with clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life. As the company is still young, they currently have mainly South African customers.

Another project is the casting studio just next door. The casting studio will receive requests for actors or models from international directors and will then invite local casting agencies to send their clients.

The casting studio will conduct auditions, register all applicants and prepare documentation for the clients.

Currently the company is in the process to start their own casting agency in order to have an own portfolio of models and actors.

Internship abroad service - what's in and what's not in

Services for your internship abroad include the active support in the preparation of your entire stay abroad. The team of our partner organization in each country supports you, wherever you require it:

What’s included:

  • Individual internship placement according your desired branch and time
  • Contractual procedures between the company and the applicant
  • Assisting visa application
  • Information about cheap flights, travel insurances and other important travel documents
  • Orientation on site through a staff member
  • Tips and information about freetime activities
  • Contact person during your stay abroad
  • 24-hour emergency number
  • Regular meetings with all volunteers or interns

Optional additional services:

  • Arrangement of accommodation 
  • Airport transportation with direct transfer to your accommodation
  • Organization of a rental car or scooter

What’s not included:

  • Visa 
  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Local transport
  • Food and beverage

Your coordinator in Cape Town

"My name is Jana Williams, I am originally from Germany, but living in South Africa for 8 1/2 years. Nearly 6 years of those I stayed in the mother city of Cape Town. I am now managing all internship and volunteer placements for Studentsgoabroad Cape Town. During my studies of Social Work I did internships abroad myself. I have been to London, India and even in Cape Town which was 12 years ago. While still living in Germany I started placing interns in Southern African countries and always enjoyed this activity. This activity is interesting, exciting, versatile and most of all positive, as a stay abroad always enlarges the personal horizon.

Learn more about Jana here!