Medical Voluntary Work in a Health Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina

from 4 weeks
Working hours
6-8 hours
Minimum age
from 18 years
basic medical knowlwedge

Overview: medical volunteering in a health care center in Argentina

The Public Health Centres in Argentina work together with local hospitals and provide the community with basic health and medical care and prevention. Being a public clinic, they provide free care for any person, but they put special attention to the most vulnerable parts of the population, who are women and children. This is the case of the health centre located in Villa 21 (shantytown), which you will support as a medical volunteer.

The shantytown is a big housing area located in the south part of Buenos Aires city. The neighborhood suffers from many problems with improper street paving, sewing systems as well as the conditions of the houses. The highly polluted river which runs through the village is a huge public health risk. The population, most of it is migrants from Paraguay, have to face poverty, overcrowding and violence of the villa every day.

The centre is always packed with patients, who are mostly childrenn, women and elderly. Due to this most of the doctors are specialists in dermatology, pediatric care, psychology, gynecology and obstetrics. The director and volunteers coordinator, Beatriz, believes that the social work in the health care centre focuses on prevention and promotion of healthy life styles. Hence, she decided to run a program called “healthy children” to have the chance to work with the kids before they get sick, and offer training workshops to their mothers. The program also give doctors the opportunity to follow the development of kids, apply vaccinations and detect health problems on time.  

Service volunteer in Argentina - what's in and what's not in

Services for your volunteer work in Argentina include the active support in the preparation of your entire stay abroad. The team of our partner organization in Argentina supports you, wherever you require it:

  • Placement in a volunteer program according to your demands
  • Assisting visa application
  • Information about affordable flights, travel insurances and other important travel documents
  • Airport transportation with direct transfer to your accommodation
  • Accommodation in a volunteer house
  • Orientation on site through a staff member
  • Tips and information about freetime activities
  • Contact person during your stay abroad
  • 24-hour emergency number
  • Regular meetings with all volunteers or interns
  • Certificate
What's not included:
  • Visa
  • Insurances
  • Flights
  • Meals
  • Transportation costs during the program
  • Additional personal expenses
  • Airport drop

Your program coordinator in Argentina

Jésica is an excellent Argentinian translator and an English professor with many years of experience. She is the general director of our partner organization and will be your first contact in Argentina. Plus, she will assure, that you will find a program matching your expectations and will help you with all travel preparations.

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