Tips to Save in Australia

Australia is expensive. Very expensive. Especially for students who complete an unpaid internship in Australia. But with a few simple tips from us, you will get your money’s worth during your unpaid internship.


First of all, you can save a lot of money on your flight tickets, provided you take care of it ahead of time! In addition, you should pay attention to special offers that some airlines run for students.


If your internship lasts close to six months, or if you want to travel a little further through Australia after the internship, it is advisable to buy a car; although you will need to consider parking! Many streets have paid or restricted parking. At the end of your journey, you can resell it. If you have maintained it well, you can sell it for the same price at which you bought it. You just invest fuel and maintenance from your trips to the internship or through the country. If you are traveling with a friend, you will profit twice - it is not only cheaper, but also more fun!


If cooking has never been your thing, this will change during your internship in Australia! The best option for feeding yourself is to buy your food in large supermarkets like "Coles" or "Woolworth", and then you and your friends whip-up some menu magic. "Aldi" is also highly recommended for good bargains. In addition, you should keep your eyes open when you stroll down the aisles of the supermarket as there are often goods with reduced prices that are still edible and are reduced only because of small defects. If you want to save on fresh produce, then you should go shopping late in the evening. Shortly before the supermarket closes, prices often drop.


There are also ways to save money on your accommodation. For example, you can search for a room in a flatshare or you can find a place through the Australian Couchsurfing Community. The advantage of couchsurfing is that you get to know a lot of new people and learn more about life in your host city. These are probably the most favorable options. Hostels are a cheap alternative, but only if you are not afraid to share a room with several people.

Discount Cards

With your AAA membership card you can also get discounts through their partner clubs in Australia. The VIP Discount Kit is also very popular among backpackers and interns. You can order it before your trip to Australia. You can search on the Internet to find out where this card is accepted. These will include airlines, bus companies, hotels and motels, restaurants, car rentals, bike rentals, diving courses, safari tours and many more.

You can also download the 'Groupon app' to benefit from discounts. Often you will receive cash vouchers through purchases, as many grocery stores work with oil companies. From a certain purchase sum you get a discount of a few cents at your next tank filling.

ISIC International Student ID

You should not forget your international student ID during your stay abroad in Australia! This card will only cost you $20 and will pay itself off multiple times! With the ISIC card, you will not only get a discount from airlines, often up to 25%, but you will also get generous discounts from bus companies. In addition, you get discounts on various attractions, cultural sites, car rentals and some motels. Sydney's 150 beaches can be enjoyed free of charge, as well as surfing with dolphins or observing koalas and kangaroos in their natural habitat.