Tips to Save in Bali

Although Indonesia is considered a cheap travel destination, you can still spend more money than expected. We have put together some saving tips for you in order to avoid that you will tap into one of the famous and easy to avoid tourist traps. With these tips, you will not only save money, but above all get to know the culture and customs of the locals more intensively.

Book your flight smart

The flight booking can save quite a lot of money if you book smart. Don’t be lazy and follow the convenient way: booking your flight from a single source. You should invest your time and compile your flight route. Look for cheap flights to any other destination in Southeast Asia like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or Jakarta and book a separate flight to your final destination: Bali. This can save you quite a lot of money depending on the time of the year you intend to travel to Bali.

Visa extension

If you wanna have it the easy way and rather spend a little more money you can simply hand your passport over to a local agent and he will take care of your visa extensions. However, you can also safe the money for the agent and take care of the extension by yourself. Those who have the time to do so can save 50% of the costs. However, you should first ask your host company whether the responsible sponsor has the time to accompany you to the Immigration Office once every 30 days.

Eat local

That’s travel rule number #1: if you wanna eat cheap, you have to eat like the locals. Eating local means in Bali going to a small food stall called “warung”. This “warungs” can be found almost everywhere. The food is typical Indonesian like “Nasi Goreng” or “Nasi Campur”. You can either eat your food there or you simply get take-away and eat at home. Many budget travelers follow the popular misconception, that the cheapest way of eating is to buy toast and jam from the supermarket. But that’s for sure not the case in Bali. The amount of money you would spend on that would be the same as for 3 meals at the local food stall. Even trying to cook the Indonesian meals by yourself is barely a cheaper option.

Riding scooter instead of booking tours

Of course you wanna get to see as much as possible of the island during your stay in Bali. To do so you don’t necessarily need to book day trips, which are quite expensive compared to the costs of living. It is best to plan your trips with the scooter together with a group of people – of course only if you feel safe enough on the bike. In addition, it’s also not the best idea to have Bali’s main attractions on your bucket list, because here you risk to fall into a tourist trap and pay a lot more than necessary. The most beautiful Bali is to be discovered outside of tourist trails!

The longer you stay in one place, the cheaper you will live

If you decide to look for your accommodation by yourself then we recommend to do it the following way. Book a cheap hostel or hotel for the first week in Bali. This should give you enough time to find a cozy homestay or any other kind of accommodation in your desired area. Just keep in mind: the more local you live, the cheaper you will live. So we recommend to look for a homestay in a Balinese housing complex. This kind of accommodations are hard to find online but as soon as you are on the spot you will see them or you can simply ask the locals on where to find them. If you book your accommodation for one month or more, other prices may apply which are not based on the daily rate. So you usually can get up to a 50% discount. Another important tip: accommodations close to the beach will be more expensive. So better look for an accommodation in a 5 minute driving distance from the beach. The rents will be a lot cheaper.