Tips to Save in New Zealand

New Zealand - the country with its crystal-clear lakes, majestic mountains, caves, volcanoes, glaciers and beaches, the imposing backdrop of the most successful film trilogy of all time. It is also popular among backpackers who enjoy a journey through the adventure country with savings. From those who have been there, we often hear "how expensive New Zealand was" and that they spent much more than planned. However, we have many tips on how to save from our former trainees, which have been passed on through traveling backpackers. These tips make a longer internship in New Zealand affordable, especially for those who have come for an unpaid internship in Auckland and need to pay special attention to their budget.


Your first chance to save is when you book your flight. As soon as you have chosen an internship in New Zealand do not delay to begin thorough flight research and book early. This way you can get a good bargain. Also, when it comes to car rentals or daily excursions it is worth to research, since special discounts are often offered. In order to really save, it would be advisable to avoid flying during the high-season, and instead plan your trip after mid-February, when the "low-season" begins.


You can save money on your accommodation by staying in a hostel and sharing a room with other travel buddies, rather than staying in a single room. This is how you get to know a lot of new people with whom you can travel. You should also try couchsurfing! Camping is another fun way to save. If you are traveling with your buddies and have a rental car, then there are many places to go camping. This way you can enjoy nature to the fullest.


The best way to get to most places in New Zealand is by bus. It takes a bit longer than by car, but is significantly cheaper. And if you want to take the free route, hitchhiking is an option. Many travelers hitchhike through New Zealand if there is no room in their budget for traveling by bus.


On websites such as Bookme, you can book many activities at special rates. Whether it's a cruise through Milford Sound, swimming with dolphins in Kaikoura or a jet ride through the canyons. We recommend you invest a lot of time in the unique nature of New Zealand, since you may not see or experience anything else like it. These impressions are priceless!


If you want to save money while eating, you’ll definitely have to be careful. Staying away from restaurants and supplying yourself with food from supermarkets such as "Pak'n'Save" or "Countdown" will help you save significantly in New Zealand. In addition, it’s good to keep in mind that Countdown Supermarkets have particularly good discounts on the weekend and just before closing prices for fresh produce are lowered. However, if or when you feel like going out to eat, cafes or take-away restaurants will be cheaper. And if you want to have a beer after dinner, then you’ll get a better price at the Liquor Store than in the supermarket. It is also advisable to buy a water bottle with an activated carbon filter before traveling, so that you can drink the tap water in New Zealand without any reservations. This way you will not have to buy water in the supermarket and it will save you a lot of money during your internship which you can use for other things.