Tips to Save in Singapore

"When spending money, save money". Singapore is certainly not a cheap city, especially if you do not land a paid internship. But with some tips and tricks you can save a lot of money without missing out on any activities.

Our Top 3 Internships in Singapore

Early Booking

You can start with big savings before your journey even begins by getting a deal on your flight tickets. Begin your flight search well ahead of time to take advantage of early booking discounts. A 90-day tourist visa is free. However, if you plan to exceed these 90 days you must extend your visa.

Don’t Forget Your ISIC student ID!

In addition, you can always ask for discounts, especially if you are a student. Take advantage of many benefits with the ISIC international student card. Be it a kebab for free or 5% discount on a bicycle.

Local Transport

The cheapest means of transportation in Singapore are public transports, such as buses or trains. The city has a good metro system, the MRT, with which you can easily reach most sights and also your internship. The rides with the metro are cheap and the trains are clean and safe. A day ticket costs about $7 and the number of trips is unlimited. You can get an EZ link card and simply charge it with credit if you plan to use public transport in Singapore more often. Also the app 'Uber' is a good, and above all, cost-effective way, to reach places because 'Uber' gives you a cheap trip every time, at any time. This saves you time and money.

Eat cheap

Usually, it's cheaper to cook at home than to eat out. However, this is definitely not the case in Singapore. A cheap alternative to expensive restaurants and supermarkets is to go out to eat in places like Little India, Chinatown, the Food Court or the Hawker Center. You can pay as little as a few dollars for a meal in these places. Also, it is not necessary to buy bottled water, since the tap water is perfectly fine and drinkable. Just fill your reusable water bottle from the tap and you save a lot of money and plastic, looking out for the environment, too.

Explore Singapore for Free

There are several free places to visit during your internship in Singapore. The Botanical Garden or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are two of such places, as well as the laser show at Marina Bay and concerts at Esplanade. You can also visit mosques and temples without paying entrance fees. Furthermore, the Henderson Bridge, the largest wooden bridge in the world, and the Green Oasis are free to visit. Free guided tours are also offered. This gives you the opportunity to get a closer look at the city, its history and its culture.


"Share" is the keyword. The cost of sharing a room or a taxi is simply cheaper. In Singapore, you will surely get to know many new globetrotters and interns who are happy about having a buddy with which they can share some costs.