Volunteer in Ghana

Imagine yourself, you’re on the way to your volunteer work site, sitting in a Tro-Tro among dazzling, colourful textiles, oppressing heat and very chatty Ghanaians. You realize that the small public bus is designed to take only half of today’s passengers. The mixture of Ghana’s national languages English and Twi results in a Pidgin, forming into an African music for your ears. The road you take from Accra to Ho winds through stunning landscapes and past buzzing markets. The traffic is insane and goats and monkeys suddenly pop in front of the bus. Africa is almost as you had imagined, almost.


At One Glance


From 2 Weeks

Some of the programs are available for a minimum duration of 2 weeks.


Program Start

The programs start every Monday.


English Level

The projects require good English skills.


Project Location

The projects are located in Accra.

Want to discover Africa? Start in Ghana!

As a volunteer you will experience the welcoming Ghanaian culture in a more close-up, intensive way than you would as a usual tourist. You will embrace the Mañana-Mañana mentality quicker than you think. This journey to Africa will teach you, what is truly needed (or not needed) to live a happy life.

When coming to Africa for the first time, many young volunteers choose Ghana as their first destination.

Ghana is believed to be one of the safest places on the African continent. It used to be a British colonial state and therefore is seen as the poster country and democracy in west Africa. Furthermore, Ghanaians are very religious people and the majority of the population wouldn’t even consider threatening foreigners. Of course, safety requires you to follow certain rules such as avoiding going out at night or exposing your iPod or other expensive belongings on the streets. At the same time, Ghana offers easy access to the African tradition and lifestyle. Over 250 different dialects are spoken by more than 100 different ethnic groups, all living peacefully together. If you are just beginning your discovery of Africa, start in Ghana.

Program Information

Brick by brick – Construction work in Ghana

The construction of a small children home in Kasoa, close to Ghana's capital shows the positive effect team work can have. A handful of international volunteers and locals have been building the foundation walls for a new children shelter within a few weeks only. Of course, it wasn't always easy to work under a scorching sun and a naturally and culturally different environment. See you two of the construction volunteer Matthias and Christopher experienced a typical day of a construction volunteer.

Medical Projects

As part of the medical project, you can support local doctors and nurses in Ghana. Especially as a medical student is it important to gain a lot of practical experience outside university. In this project, not only you will benefit from your work but also the people and doctors in Ghana whom you are a welcome support!

There are also opportunities for prospective physiotherapists in Ghana to deepen their expertise and help at the same time. In our physiotherapy program in Accra, you make an important contribution to the community and sports development in several communities in Accra.

Pass on your knowledge to Ghanaian students

The lessons should help the children to deal with the English language and thus offer them good opportunities in the later world of work. This happens through a variety of activities in the school like singing or handcrafting. You can also assist the teachers in computer lessons. Here, you will pass on your computer knowledge and the sensible use of modern software – such as simple office and internet applications – to interested adults and children. in addition to the school education, the education with regard to the widespread immunodeficiency syndrome HIV/AIDS is equally important. Here, too, volunteers can get involved and participate in educational events.

Voluntary journalism internship

For all future journalists the journalism program is just perfect. The program offers you the opportunity to work in various newspapers, radio or television stations. Depending on your interest, you can write, talk, interview or research. You will learn directly from Ghanaian journalists and reporters. And the best part? You will help the local children to create their own newspaper!

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