Internship in Mauritius: Travel Planning



Your destination airport is the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport of Mauritius. The international airport is located about 50 kilometers east of both Flic en Flac and Port Louis. Various airlines from many main airports fly to Mauritius so you have flexibility to plan your trip as is most convenient.

Entry Requirements

As visa regulations for Mauritius change from time to time, we recommend you to consult us first before applying for an internship.

Customs Regulations

Customs in Mauritius is strict. Yes, there is an absolute ban on imports of all drugs and weapons. In addition, you cannot import plants or foods. Even with the transportation of medicinal drugs you should take care because some pharmaceutical ingredients are prohibited here. If you must bring any special medications, it is advisable to carry your prescription from the doctor. You can find out if your medications fall under these categories through the Foreign 

What to Pack

You are flying south! Mauritius is located near Africa where it is so nice and warm! The weather is consistently pleasant, albeit with higher humidity. You will mostly need only light clothing and of course you cannot forget your bathing suit. If you are planning to make a trip to the mountains of the National Park or to the volcano, we advise you to bring some warmer clothes, as it is definitely cooler there. Besides your flip flops, make sure you pack a pair of good shoes.You will need them for certain activities, especially if you like nature.

While at work it is important that you wear appropriate clothing. Do not show up to work in very short shorts or skirts, hotpants or midriff tops. Use common sense when packing for work. Whether or not you have a specific dress code depends on the company. You may also be asked to wear a particular uniform. This varies depending on the internship position.

You better shouldn't forget the following:

  • Airline tickets and address of accommodation
  • Passport and a laminated copy
  • International health insurance
  • International driver license
  • Bikini / bathing suit
  • Sun block, sunglasses and hat
  • Travel adapter
  • Mosquito repellant

Good to know

You have got the most important things done. You applied successfully and got an internship. The flight is booked and accommodation is set. But as you close the trunk and get on the road, you may feel you have forgotten something. Here we have 3 additional pieces of helpful information...just in case...

Credit card

Anyone going abroad in Mauritius will need a credit card so as to withdraw money easily and without charge. Talk with your bank about the different options you may have and inform them that you will be traveling.


For Mauritius, no special vaccinations are necessary in order to enter directly from your home country. Only the standard vaccinations are recommended here, such as hepatitis or tetanus. If at some point you have traveled to an area where you were at risk for yellow fever, you will need a yellow fever vaccination for entry.


Caution: Left-hand traffic in Mauritius! This will feel a bit strange and take some time to get used to. You should also know that the road conditions outside the big cities do not meet our standards. The roads are often narrow and confusing and you have to watch out for stray street dogs. If you want to drive around Mauritius yourself, you will need to get an international driving license in your home country.