Volunteer in Costa Rica

Pura vida! A sentence you will hear quite often in Costa Rica – either as a greeting, as a farewell or just to express that everything is "ok". It literally meas "pure life", which basically describes the culture of this fascinating country and your future experiences: pura vida!

At One Glance


From 1 week

Some of the programs are available for a minimum duration of 1 week.


Program Start

The programs start every Monday.


Spanish Level

Basic knowledge is required in order to communicate with the local people on site.


Project Location

The programs are located in Esparza.

Your Project Location Esparza

All our Costa Rica projects are located in the city of Esparza. The city is located about 80 km west of the capital San José in the province of Puntarenas. Esparza isn't a typical tourist destination and is rather untouched with a relaxed lifestyle. It's very common for the local inhabitants to ride with their horses through the streets. The city isn't located directly on the coastline, but the closest beach is just about a 20 minute drive away. Esparza is the perfect destination for everyone who wants to support local communities while exploring and enjoying themselves during surfing, diving or hiking through the beautiful nature of Costa Rica.

Program Information

Wildlife Protection in Esparza

Costa Rica has an enormous biodiversity of plants and animals. This makes it one of the 20 biodiversity richest countries in the world. Nature conservation is a priority in Costa Rica. In December 2007, a law named "Peace with Nature " was passed, which aims to achieve a balanced carbon footprint by 2021. As a part of the animal welfare project, you too can help to protect Costa Rica's wildlife. The project aims to train abused and neglected animals and to prepare them for their new life in the wild. The project has to parts, a marine park and a rehabilitation center. Both want to educate the local population as well as tourists about the importance of marine conservation.

The same rehabilitation center and marine park also offer the possibility to help in the field of veterinary medicine. You will support the staff and doctors to treat wounds or minor operations.

Community Project: Support in Agriculture

Costa Rica is a country shaped by agriculture. Whether it's livestock, the production of crops or the production of cheese and honey – Costa Rica has a great variety to offer. As part of our agriculture project, you have the opportunity to support one or more of these farms. You will get involved in the daily work and learn what is means to be a farmer in Costa Rica. In addition, you will learn more about the peculiarities of Costa Rican agriculture as well as the culture and customs of the locals.

Sport Coaching at Schools

When it comes to compulsory education for everyone, Costa Rica is a true pioneer in South America. Already since 1863 education is compulsory. However, there are often insufficient financial resources to support all schools equally. Especially schools in rural areas like Esparza are affected. The austerity measures mostly affect the "least important" subjects such as physical education. Therefore, the sports coaching project was established to ensure the physical education of the students. The project aims to create a balance to the learning and other responsibilities the students face outside the school. In this project, a certain affinity for sport and creativity is required to provide the students with as varied a range of sports as possible.

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