Internship in Vietnam: Living in Hanoi

In Hanoi you have two different housing options to choose from during your internship. You can either share an apartment with other international interns or live in a Vietnamese homestay. The host families are always very interested in learning about you, your home country and your family.

Accommodation During my Internship - an Apartment in Hanoi

A fully equipped apartment awaits you in Hanoi, with everything you need for cooking and daily life, and of course a good internet connection. In the apartment you have total freedom and can cook for yourself and maintain order. You may have a room to yourself or you may share with one or two other interns. Some of the apartments are provided by the company you work for, others are rented by interns themselves. The terms on which you live during your internship in Hanoi are discussed with you and decided in advance.

Accommodation During your Internship - Staying with a Host Family in Hanoi

Through our student exchange program with our partner agency you will get the unique opportunity to live with a host family and immerse yourself in the true Vietnamese life. You will get insights into the customs and traditional cuisine while getting to know the family structure. The families have been proven in the past to be open and friendly hosts and they look forward to your visit.

With your host family you will have your own private room and of course share the bathroom, kitchen and rest of the home with the family. You will often eat breakfast together and in the evenings share a typical Vietnamese meal. Of course, the family is also open to you cooking for yourself. The host families are always very interested in knowing about you, your home, your home country and your family, so it is greatly appreciated if you bring photos or a small present that represents your home.

Of course it is also important that you engage in conversation and daily activities with your host family. We remind you of the necessity to adapt to the cultural circumstances, be respectful and, especially in the beginning, keep a reserved behavior.