The Largest and Most Remarkable Cities of Vietnam

Your internship city Hanoi

The population of 6.5 million makes the capital of Vietnam the second most populated city in the country, Ho Chi Minh City being the highest population with 7.9 million residents. Many first time visitors to Hanoi are surprised by their narrow and modest style in architecture. The Vietnamese not only build so narrowly because of the limited space, but also because the property tax is calculated according to the width of a house. In simple terms, the narrower the building the less you pay for your home.

The fascinating thing about Hanoi is how quickly you can get used to a city with infinite motor bikes and scooters. The streets in the inner city are also built as if to save space and countess vehicles push through even the narrowest gap during rush hour. If you are traveling as a pedestrian, you will always have to share the sidewalk with scooters and crossing the road can take quite some time to complete. It is best to use the taxis and scooter taxis, so that you can move quickly and safely.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, the former capital (1956-1975), is still known to many as Saigon. The renaming of the city took place in 1975 as a result of the power struggle between the north and south. The eponym was the communist revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969) who freed the country from the colonial occupation. Today Ho Chi Minh City is popular with backpackers not only because of the historical importance that can be experienced in many museums, but also due to the intense nightlife.

Dat Lat, the "City of Love"

This Southeast Asian "City of Love" is located in the south-central highlands. Its name is inspired by the many varieties of flowers found in the area, such as roses, chrysanthemums and orchids. There is a particularly romantic atmosphere all over the city. The visitors to the city enjoy its peaceful nature of vast forests, mountains and waterfalls. Dat Lat is always worth a visit, especially if you want to escape the city bustle.

Mekong Delta

In Mekong Delta you are completely surrounded by water. The city is always on the move with houses, small shops, restaurants and markets floating on the waterways and lakes around the city and you will never find them where you last saw them. This unique urban structure of the Mekong Delta is also referred to as the "tear bowl of Vietnam".