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Many of our internships in Canada are available with a minimum duration of 4 weeks.

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Professional practical experience that encourages your professional development and spices up your CV.

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The internships in Canada fulfill all prerequisites to be able to be acknowledged as a mandatory internship.


The internships are located in Lunenburg, Montreal andVancouver.

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Top Internship Branches in Canada

  • Architecture
  • Business Management
  • IT & Software
  • Law
  • Art & Design
  • Marketing
  • Social Science

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An internship with the Working Holiday Visa or better just a voluntary internship in Canada? Tell us more about your goals and ideas, and we will advise you individually and personally.

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Internship in the major cities of Canada

The 3 major cities have different requirements for an internship abroad: the friendly and natural Toronto is the most important commercial and financial center in Canada and therefore is perfect for an internship in this sector. Montreal is interesting for all those who value bilingualism - French here is the official language, but English is spoken at the same time. In the glittering metropolis, Vancouver, you will experience the serene Canadian life surrounded by spectacular nature. Which makes it perfect for all outdoor activities! 

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In terms of visa - to Canada or the USA?

There is no question that immigration policy in Canada is a lot friendlier than in the US. The J1 visa for the USA costs almost 1000 euros and you usually also take an English language course, however the working holiday visa into Canada is much friendlier on the wallet. With a fee of only 110 euros, it is the clear winner here. But what about the waiting times? Those who opt for a classic internship in North America, have to bring in a rule of patience. The Embassy in Canada takes their time to announce the quota for this popular visa. The application process is however much easier but can take up to around 2 months to process. Although the awarding of the J1 visa is not limited it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to process the visa and it is often only granted the day before your departure - just as your patience is about to burst!

"Welcome to Canada" or "Bienvenue au Canada" - Learning French or English?

Both English and French are official languages ​​in Canada, which does not mean that both languages ​​are spoken in all Canadian provinces. However, in Quebec, French is spoken in addition to English. Lost in Translation - that does not happen here. Those who speak only one of the two languages ​​are already in good hands and must be confident to improve in the other. The provincial magnetically attracts international students who would like to test themselves in a French-speaking environment and internship. In particular, the city of Montreal in Quebec opens up many doors for a career start "par excellence". Many growing international companies have settled in the second largest city in Canada and give it the typical-European character. So who is brave enough to get lost in the vastness of Canada, to feel the atmosphere and go native with an internship in Montreal.

Travel without a working holiday visa to Canada

As there is only a small amount of visa available, they are exclusively issued by the Canadian embassy since 2016. You register at their homepage, create a profile and then all you need to do is wait, and wait, and wait. The number of applicants exceeds the number of visa so you need to be very patient. But after all, if you are not the lucky one, there is no reason to say adieu to your dreams of working in Canada. Alternatively, you can opt for a voluntary internship in a charity organisation that does not require you to hold a working holiday visa. In addition, these internships can also be accepted as a professional internship from your university.

Intern without a Working Holiday Visa in Canada

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