Travel Preparations for Canada


The closest airport to Lunenburg is the Halifax International Airport. A return flight from the German airport in Frankfurt am Main will be approximately 700 to 1000 Euros. It will take you about 1.5 hours to reach Lunenburg from the Halifax International Airport.

The following airlines offer flights to Halifax:

  • Lufthansa
  • Air Canada
  • US Airways


In order to be applicable for a Co-op Visa, a passport with a minimum validity of 1 year is required.


For the period of your internship in Canada you are required to have a valid foreign (travel) insurance. This one has to be purchased in Germany before leaving as a proof has to be shown when applying for the Visa.

Once in Canada you will be accompanied by your adviser on your way to the authorities and will need to show your Visa and Immigration Card, which you received when you entered the Canadian border. You will be provided with a Social Insurance Number (SIN), which assures you a social insurance throughout the length of your internship. Moreover, the SIN is required to obtain the work permit.


The price level in this particular region is more or less the same as in Germany. What is convenient is the fact that there are no transport costs from your accommodation to your workplace, as you will be able to walk the short distance. Moreover the costs for your accommodation are already included in the program.


Nova Scotia has a moderate climate, with slightly cooler temperatures on the coastline. Summer and fall can be quite sunny and warm with temperatures up to 28 degrees Celsius. Especially in the South a slight morning mist can be found by the coastline. In the winter on the contrary, there might be some snowfall but nonetheless the temperatures will not drop far below zero due to the coastal currents.