Volunteering in Singapore

What makes Singapore so special is that it is not only a city but also a country - and by far the smallest and most modern country in Southeast Asia. The metropolis is considered one of the safest and cleanest places in the world. Even if this is something unusual for Southeast Asia, the typical Southeast Asian flair can still be experienced here, especially through volunteer work in Singapore. You are sure to find deep insight into the unique culture of the city. 

At One Glance


From 4 Weeks

Some of the programs are available for a minimum duration of 4 weeks.


Program Start

The programs start every Monday.


English Level

The projects require good English skills.


Project Location

The projects are located in different areas in Singapore.

Volunteer Work in Singapore as a Acknowledged Internship

Due to the strict visa requirements of the Working Holiday Pass, it is difficult to land a paid internship in a company in Singapore. For those who can not meet the Visa requirements of the Working Holiday Pass, but still want to complete an internship in Singapore, there is an alternative: an acknowledged internship in the context of a volunteer!

Volunteer work takes place in non-governmental organizations recognized by the Ministry of Manpower. The Social Pass allows you to work for up to 90 days in various areas of one of these organizations. Due to the circumstances, this type of volunteer work can easily be recognized as an internship. The only difference to an internship with a Working Holiday Pass is that the Social Pass does not allow payment.

Program Information

Volunteer Work or Internship in an NGO

Our "voluntary internships" are primarily offered in the marketing sector of various social organizations in Singapore. These social organizations are active in the following areas:

  • Integration of older people in society
  • Music
  • Care for families of terminally ill children
  • Promoting social development through the mobilization of young Singaporeans
  • Project to promote a better society
  • Creating better quality of life for people in need
  • Strengthening children and youth in Singapore

The volunteer programs in Singapore are just as valuable as an internship in an economic company. You will be looked after by a professional contact person in your desired area of expertise. This provides a suitable basis for recognition as a professional internship.

Animal Protection in Singapore

As a volunteer in a conservation and rescue center for wild animals in Singapore, you will assist the team with all daily tasks. The protection center is not only devoted to animal preservation, but also actively combats animal cruelty and welfare. Through various educational programs, the center is trying to raise awareness to school children and adolescents and draw attention to the far-reaching consequences of human misconduct towards the animal world.

Social Engagement

The home for people with physical disabilities takes care of 66 permanent residents as well as 34 day care patients. During your volunteer work at the home in Singapore, you can assist the team in their day-to-day work. This includes not only the physical support of the patients in everyday tasks or physiotherapy programs, but also mental support to strengthen their emotional well being. You give the patient your undivided attention and show them that life has a lot to offer regardless of physical limitations. Since the inhabitants have no financial resources, or the support of their families, it is important to give them a sense of family and home.

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