Internship in Ecuador: Accommodation

This is your first trip to Latin America? Than an internship in Ecuador is a very good decision! Here you get the chance to be accommodated in host families, which not only offer you a cozy home, but also provide an easy access to the South American culture. In some internship locations you also have the possibility to be accommodated in volunteer houses. But whether in a common house or in a guest family: you never live alone! For your roommates it may also be the first time that they travel alone and together or in a small group it will be a lot more comfortable to explore the new world and culture!

Living in a host family in Ecuador

Accommodation in host families is possible in the following places:

  • Quito
  • Guayas
  • Galápagos, Santa Cruz
  • Galápagos, Isabella
  • Galápagos, San Cristobal
  • Manabí

Accommodation in community houses

In the following areas you will be accommodated in community houses:

  • Guayas
  • Riobamba