Interview with intern Viola in Barcelona

We wanted to know everything about her tasks, her every day life and favorite things to do in wonderful Barcelona! And here it is, 10 questions about interning in Barcelona, that will definitely inspire you!

1. Thinking about the time you have been spending here - which three keywords come to your mind first?

Beautiful city – Beach – nice people

2. What does “typically Spanish” mean to you?

Tapas are what comes to my mind first. But of course also that the people are very nice and open. And the most typical Spanisch thing is that everything is taking place later than in Germany.

As an intern, you see so much more than only the main tourist spots. You can experience the lifestyle and the culture of spain.

3. Did you have doubts before taking the step to go abroad? Why?

No actually I did not have any doubts. I am staying here with my boyfriend this is worth a lot.

4. In which kind of company and field are you doing your internship?

I am working at a communication company in the Marketing department. But it is somehow difficult for me to describe what they actually do. One can say that they are a mediation agency between companies that want to grow through advertising and want to get more international and the agencies which offer this kind of service.

5.  What are your tasks there?

I am doing a lot of research and at the moment I am looking for companies and agencies which could help Comvort grow. So I am searching for international service providers we can bring into contact with our companies and try to get some contact details.

Every Monday we have our “Monday-Meeting” which takes about 30-45 minutes and after that I am having kind of lessons in the Marketing area or also because I am very interested in this in the area of Design.

6. Do you think your internship will help you to improve your career opportunities and how?

I think internships abroad generally are a good look on every CV and are very helpful for the later search for the job. Furthermore of course they help when trying to figure out the right study course or fulfilling your study requirements. And because of the lessons I had I got a lot of general knowledge.

7. Was sind deine “Must-Do’s” in Barcelona?

It is a big Must Do to go to the beach and visit the port. Personally I enjoyed a lot to go to Montjuic or Tibidabo therefrom you have a great view over the city. And for a better overview I can only recommend making a guided bus tour through Barcelona.

In general I have 2 great places I really enjoyed going to and are an insider tip: The shop “Chök” where you can have great donuts and really delicious cronuts! And also the Bunkers del Carmel. There you get a stunning view over the city without being surrounded by tourists.

And if you are interested in getting to know more from Spain I can always recommend bus tours starting in Barcelona and taking you to many different places in Spain.

8. When did you start feeling at home in Barcelona? Was it bound to a special event?

Actually I felt at home from the first moment I came into our apartment here and we could furnish everything. At some point I was so used to life here that I wanted to go on vacation again.

9. What is special about staying in Barcelona as an intern and not as a tourist?

There is a lot more you get to know about the city and you learn living the Spanish way of life. Of course there is more than doing the same old touristic program but you experience way more. And you can use your time to see more of Spain than just Barcelona.

10. Do you have any helpful tips for incoming interns?

I would recommend coming here some time prior to the start of your internship to get used to everything and to settle. I think it is important not to be fixed on only Barcelona but you should take your time and get to know the rest of Spain, too. And a language course is definitely worth it.