Interview with intern Wendy in Barcelona

10 questions to Wendy about her internship in Barcelona: her tasks, her every day life and favorite things to do!

1. Thinking about your last two weeks here – which three keywords come to your mind first?

Amazing; Multicultural; Complete (meaning you´ve got everything here)

2. Which doubts did you have before taking the step to go abroad?

A lot! It is my first time abroad, my first time without my family, and it was the first time in a plane. However, my doubts turned out to be unnecessary. I got a lot of support from Studentsgoabroad, as well as from my colleagues at work. 

3. How did you prepare for your internship in Barcelona?

I practiced my English, I read a lot about Barcelona, about the city and its culture. And I booked a flat in advance, on a homepage a friend of me recommended.

4. In which kind of company and in which field are you doing your internship?

I am working in quite a big company with a multicultural workforce that aims to convey luxury hotels. I work with colleagues from Germany, Russia, Italy, France, England, the USA and much more. 

It´s so different to my home-town. I think I will just stay here forever :)

5. What are your specific tasks there?

I am part of the Marketing department, where I am in charge of the correspondence with hotels. I do some administrative tasks, like answering E-Mails and phone-calls, but I also support negotiations with new hotels and I am responsible for the parity of prices.

6. Could you describe your typical day here?

Normally I get up at 8 in the morning, take a quick shower and walk to my workplace, as it is very close to my home. Then I work in the office, from 9 am till 6 pm, whereas we have a break of one hour, where I have lunch with my colleagues. After work, I do some sports - preferably running. Before I go to bed I prepare myself some food for dinner.

7. What do you like most about your internship and what don´t you like about it so far?

What I definitely like most is the multicultural workforce. Moreover, I appreciate the improvement of my English. What I do not like that much is the rather minor challenge of my tasks at work. However, I think after some weeks they may get a bit more challenging. 

8. Was it easy to meet other people in Barcelona for you during your first days here?

Yes, it was very easy for me, because in Barcelona people are very open-minded, very friendly and communicative. Furthermore, I share my flat with very sympathetic Latinos, which I really like. 

9. Where do you usually spend your free time and what are your favourite places so far?

I love the karaoke-bar :). I also like the area of Barceloneta, the fountain, as well as the Parc de la Ciutadella for running or for walking around. 

10. Do you enjoy your time in Barcelona and do you already feel at home?

Yes, Barcelona really feels like home to me already! I love the people, the places, the food, and simply everything. It´s so different to my home-town. I think I will just stay here forever :).