NEW YORK - Internship in a City where Nothing is Impossible

For a long time I have dreamed of doing a marketing internship in America. First, I tried to organize everything by myself, but that turned out to be very difficult. I have sent off many applications and only got rejections. That was pretty frustrating. So I decided to get in touch with a placement agency.

My visa arrived 2 days before departure

I had done some online research and there were lots of negative reports about such agencies. I hesitantly contacted studentsgoabroad and was positively surprised. I could reach my contact persons in Germany always easily, they answered my questions quickly and also their colleagues in the US where very friendly and helped me filling out all the forms necessary to get a visa. The wish to get a payed internship unfortunately had not become true, but my wish to work in NYC did. There were some delays in the visa process so that I only got the visa two days before my flight. But in the end everything went out well so that I could start my internship in New York on time.

From Brooklyn to New Jersey

I first lived in Brooklyn, in the part “Bedford Stuyvesant”, but I don’t want to recommend that. The crime rate is very high in this district and that’s why I had moved to Jersey City, New Jersey after only two weeks. There I lived in a shared flat with four other people for “just” 1075 Dollar a month. The way to Manhattan is as far from New Jersey as it is from Brooklyn or Queens. So New Jersey is a great alternative to living in New York because the living situation is better and the rents, as well as the groceries are cheaper.

My internship

I commuted to my workplace by “PATH” (Port Authority NY/NJ) and by subway. That took me 45 minutes. I worked in an advertising agency on the 35. floor of a skyscraper in the heart of Manhatten. My main task was market research (competition analysis, determining the target audience). I regularly attended employee meetings and gave presentations. My working day was from 10am to 5pm and included a one hour lunch break. As the internship was unpaid I was allowed to order food via my company. I had a budget of 400 Dollar per month for that. So in the end I got some kind of compensation for my work, which made me very happy.

The beautiful beaches of NYC

I spent most of my free time at the beautiful beaches of NYC. I had never related beaches with New York before I actually came there, but they are the best about it. Only half an hour away from Manhattan is the beautiful Long Beach in Long Island, but also the Jacob Riis Beach in Brooklyn is a nice refreshment during the hot summer months when the temperature is often more than 30 degree Celsius hot. But there are also many free time activities you can do in the town: Bars, clubs, parks. My insider tip: renting a kayak for free at the Hudson River, peer 26, every Sunday. At the Hudson River there is also the “Honorable William Wall”, a bar which you can only go to by small boats. That is a very special place too! Next to visiting all the sights I have been travelling a lot as well – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC., the Niagara Falls because gas as well as domestic flights are very cheap. 

To conclude

In General I want to advice everybody to do an internship in the US and especially in New York. I have learnt so much, personally as well as professionally. The placement service of studentsgoabroad was also very good. The service is reliable and legitimate.