Social Work in Bali

For my studies I had to do an internship. As I was already thinking about going abroad for a longer time anyway- so why not intern abroad? After long researches I found Studentsgoabroad and on their website the perfect project for me! After looking through the description of the project several times I knew: I want to go for this! 8 weeks of volunteering in an orphanage in Jimbaran, Bali!

And although it was “just” a volunteer program (not a paid internship or something) it was even credited by my university. It didn’t take me a long time to get ready all my documents and to apply for my project of desire. I got the confirmation pretty soon so I had to pack my bags! I was really excited as it was the first time for me being alone such a long time – and so far away from Germany!

After a long flight I (finally!) arrived on Bali. On the airport I was picked up by a driver of my local contact person who brought me to my volunteer house right away. There I was welcomed really friendly and during the first days the other volunteers showed me everything important to know for living on Bali.

So I learned how do drive a scooter (which in the beginning really needs getting used to; remember: lots of traffic and – left-hand driving!). Apart from that I almost couldn’t wait for meeting the family in the orphanage.

I’ll never forget the little girl that welcomed me when I arrived at the orphanage: she took my hand and led me into the house. Immediately I’ve taken the cute little girl to my heart and felt comfortable there from the very beginning. The orphanage is quiet small, sheltering eight wonderful children aged from 1-10. I intentionally decided to work in this orphanage because of the nice and familial atmosphere: I had enough time to take care of every single child. We played games, redesigned the walls of the orphanage, made some handicrafts and went to the beach every Thursday. I really liked the kids from the very beginning but I also had a really good rapport with the mother of the orphanage: we had a lot of intense conversations which were really instructive for me. She’s an awesome woman who is taking care of the children with blood, sweat and tears. Furthermore she also tries to help the poorest (despite looking after the kids 24h!): so we went to a slum several times for giving clothes and other things to the families living there. I really admire the mother of the orphanage for all the strength and energy!

Besides my work I had enough of leisure time to experience the dreamlike island. On the weekends we packed our bags for road tripping through Bali on our scooters – just enjoying the manifold landscapes and the culture of the locals. Bali is an awesome island with the friendliest, most open-minded and welcoming people – so it’s definitely worth a visit! And to everyone who likes working with children I can just recommend the orphanage in Jimbaran.