Volunteering at an Orphanage in Cape Town

When I graduated in January, I knew, that I want to go abroad before starting my carrier.

I also knew, that I didn’t want to do an internship, I had enough of studying for this time. Last but not least, I also didn’t want to make holiday and I would be interested in going to Cape Town. Thus, I did some researches in the internet and happened to find Studentsgoabroad. I ordered the free catalog and was convinced by their offer. I decided to volunteer in an orphanage in a Township in Cape Town.

The organization went without hassles, even though I registered in short-term. The team replied all my questions in a patient way.

Having arrived at the airport in Cape Town, I was expected by my host father. We drove to his family in Mitchells Plain, a Township which is located about 25 km from Cape Town. I was warmly welcomed by the family and felt like home straight away. All people have been really helpful and caring.

It is not that easy to get from Township to the center. But if you plan ahead it is indeed possible.

It was a great advantage to have another volunteer in the guest family, who could drive together with me. We ventured on taking the public mini-bus and taxis and always arrived home safely. If you stick to the advises of the host family and try to avoid certain places, you will be safe within the Township.

During my stay I had the chance to see a lot of sights, such as the waterfront, Robben Island, Table Mountain, awesome beaches on the Atlantic coast, Boulders Beach, Safari, the Cape of good hope and lots more. We also experience a typical African Braiis.

But I will always remember the work with the kids at the orphanage.

I always offered help where it was needed: I feed the kids, swaddled them, gave them medicine, helped to brush their teeth, taught them and played with them. The work was versatile and the days went by really fast. I was warmly welcomed at the orphanage and made new friends.

It was hard to say goodbye to the kids and the employees of the orphanage.

To conclude, it was an incredible experience to deal and live with people of a different culture in such a close way. They really appreciate your help and you get a great insight in the daily life in the Township. Even though it is not always easy, as you happen to see misery and sorrow, I can just recommend volunteering in Cape Town. There is no better way, to get to know the culture in a better way.