Testimonial: Volunteering in the Dominican Republic

"This is really an amazing place for personal development: you can make what you want out of it! My experience in the Teaching and Tutoring programs was really rewarding. Working with the kids had been good fun and I loved it when they expressed words of appreciation to our work and the fact that they enjoyed learning English and eager to try new things out. And when meeting them on the streets and hearing "Hola Profe!!" I must admit that made me feel good! It was very encouraging to see that being a volunteer and working with the foundation can be a truly professional experience. I think that the experience of being there and working with Manfred in the NGO management will be brilliant for you and your future career. Manfred, you are the men! I hope that your ambition of being dispensable at the foundation will finally work (a bit at least) so that you will be able to take your well deserved vacation! I hope that the other volunteers will have the chance, as I did, to get to know you better and hear some of your stories. Your passion and dedication to the foundation cause are absolutely admirable and this world needs quite a few of your kind! I've been really impressed and inspired by your stories: your life and experiences, working with street children, starting everything again from scratch… I hope you'll have the chance to travel back to Germany with your gorgeous daughter, and give your mum the pleasure to meet her only grandchild. Manfred, take care, and thanks again for the experience!! A big hug to everybody!" Cheers Eva