Volunteering in 2 Different Schools in Bali

Experiences are important 

Before my study and work life will start I wanted to gain some experiences abroad. I´m really interested in studying something in the social field, so I decided to help out in a volunteer project in Bali. I think our feedback can help you to take the right decisions: The beginning was a bit chaotic but arrived at the airport we were picked-up punctually. After that the driver brought us to our student house in Canggu. Unfortunately nobody was at home so we couldn't enter. This was a bit too much for me because I was exhausted and tired. Later we could enter the room which was different compared to German standards. But in the end I was happy that we got this room. At the next day the organization brought us our scooters and sim cards. 

Let the work begin 

After the first weekend I got used to the life and hygiene in Bali and could start with the first working day. We worked in two different schools. One was a private school the other one a public school. In both schools they welcomed us warmhearted so i directly felt like a part of it. I had a lot of fun in working with the kids and also really liked how they appreciate our support. There were differences between the schools. The kids of poorer families more appreciated the gifts we brought and the games we played with them. 

Schools in comparison

In the private school I taught English to kids at the age of 3 years. They already learned English but just understood simple words. I started to speak English with them and they spoke Indonesian with me. I didn't understood Indonesian but it worked out. In the other school a lot was different. The school was small and didn't have an air condition which was sometimes really hard during the day. The classes were mainly in Indonesian but I could help the children in writing and counting. Half time of the class I taught them English because the teachers barely spoke English. All the kids loved the English class. Although the kids were about 6 years old, their English knowledge was the at same level compared to the ones of the other school. Furthermore we went from Monday to Friday to an orphanage to play with the kids. Although we couldn't understand them we had a lot of fun with each other. We just worked 6 hours per day so we had a lot of time to discover the island. 

Everytime again 

In spite of some problems at the beginning I would do this volunteer project any time again. The very fact of the beautiful culture and countryside plus all the experiences you can´t make during a normal holiday made this journey so valuable. I would have loved to stay some weeks longer. I can really recommend this experience to everybody who likes to work with kids.