Why your trip to South Africa will cost less than you think

The most common reason that many young people do not dare move abroad is money, or rather, the lack of money. You may have saved up for the travel costs, but then there is the cost of living on top of that. But what if we were to tell you that a trip to one of the most beautiful places in the world costs a lot less than you think? What if this destination was Cape Town in South Africa?

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Meeting up with friends in a café or enjoying a decent sirloin steak at the "Braai" is a must and can easily become a weekly ritual. Things like Cappuccino, glass of wine, burger or steak can cost half of what you would pay back home in cafés or restaurants.


Your study or work abroad in Cape Town is not a holiday! You will live in South Africa for a good amount of time and so you will come much closer to traditions and culture than you would as a tourist. Nevertheless, some classic attractions are a must, and they will not leave a hole in your pocket. A classic city tour of Cape Town is only about 10 USD and the entry into a museum only 4.50 USD!

Traffic and Transport

Do you like to plan your own day trips, setting your own pace, deciding how long you want to enjoy a particular spot? Then it's worth it for you to take control of the steering wheel and rent a car. The cost of a car per day averages to about 27 USD. The cost of fuel is also very reasonable. Taking a few friends for an adventurous day trip costs less than dinner in a restaurant.


The internship and volunteer houses are the cheapest option for living on a budget for a long period of time in Cape Town. But this does not mean that your trips must be limited to day trips just to save on hotel accommodation. Well-equipped 3-star rooms are readily available for 40 USD a night, which is quite easy to manage.

100% Adventure, no Investments

You have chosen to take up an internship in Cape Town and you have extra time to see more of Africa? Super! And you should totally do that, because, after all, you're not flying over this vast continent to experience only a tiny corner of it. Adventure travel in South Africa is usually not cheap, but you can offer your services as a translator, cook or assistant and therefore you participate for free! Pure adventure without spending! But be careful, you will be working and your energy is needed to tackle the vigorous jobs, supporting the travel team in every respect. But hey: Tourists have holidays - Travellers have experiences!

Our Tip: Note Best Times to Travel

Despite the relatively low prices for food, transport, hotel and activities, if you have to stick to a tight budget, you should keep in mind best times for travel. Prices go down especially after the high season, which lasts from November to February. If flexibility is permitted by your internship or volunteership, plan to travel towards the end of the high season.