Internship in Japan: Accommodation

Living with a Japanese Host Family

You have the choice between an accommodation with a Japanese host family or in a student house. In host families you play a part in the life of the locals, get to know the traditional customs and are sure to create a unique experience. Our specifically selected host families look forward to having you and have years of experience in the management of international interns. The family’s apartments are no longer than 45 minutes from each place of work, and located conveniently for use of public transport or, for some, even by bike. You will have a private room and the kitchen and bathroom are shared with the host family.

Student House

In the student houses you will meet people from different nations and so will establish potential life contacts worldwide. In the homes of student houses Japanese students and international interns live together in 4-5 room apartments. The bathroom and the kitchen is shared with all roommates.

In Fukuoka fully furnished apartment are available. The apartments have fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Here you can live alone or with a roommate and easily find house cleaning services.