Accommodation in Singapore

It is important to us that we respond to your expectations of a suitable accommodation and to meet your individual wishes. Our partner organization works with many lodges, guest houses and residential communities, so, on request, we'll organize a private apartment or a carefully selected host family. You decide for yourself whether you prefer your accommodation in the center of the city or outside the city. We are on the search for you and we will send you different offers so you can freely decide which property you choose to rent.

In a host family you will experience the life of Singaporeans up close and learn about the traditions and customs of this Asian culture. Over dinner conversation they will certainly want to hear a lot about you and your home. And perhaps they’ll give you some insider tips to help you get by in Singapore...

Lodging in an apartment during your internship

On request, we can organize your own apartment. Whether a room or apartment, we make sure that the living spaces are fully furnished and available on the requested date. Before departure we send you confirmation of the apartment and the contact details of the owner, so you can calmly make your way into your internship.

In the apartments you will have total freedom and can cook and keep things as suits you. You can freely choose whether you want to rent the apartment alone, or share with two or three other interns. The conditions under which you live during your internship in Singapore are discussed in advance and in detail.

Bei einer Gastfamilie erlebst du das Leben der Singapurer hautnah mit und erfährst, welche Traditionen und Gewohnheiten die asiatische Kultur bereithält. Beim gemeinschaftlichen Abendessen werden sie sicher auch viel von dir und deinem Zuhause erfahren wollen, sodass ihr euch gegenseitig austauschen könnt. Vielleicht verraten sie dir ja auch die Geheimtipps von Singapur...

Accommodation with a Host Family During Your Internship

Immerse yourself into the real life of Singaporeans and live with a host family. This way you are given the unique opportunity to gain insights into the traditional cuisine, the customs and habits of the family structure and the Asian way of life.

The host families are carefully selected and the families have proven to be open and friendly hosts. Most often you will live in a private room and share the other rooms of the house with your host family. Usually you will receive breakfast and dinner, but maybe you will also treat your host family at times with your traditional food?! How about bringing a few photos from your home? Share a bit about your life in your home country with your host family. Get close to the Asian culture!