FAQ - Internship in Singapore

1. Are internships in Singapore rewarded?

In general, internships in Singapore are not remunerated.

2. What are the usual working hours?

Usual working hours are from Mo to Fr. from 9 am to 6 pm and every second Saturday half day. But of course, this mainly depends on the company.

3. Who I should contact, if I have any problems in Singapore?

You can always call our partner organization in Singapore. They have a number that you may call in case of emergency.

4. In which branches an internship is offered?

Together with our partner organization, we offer different internships in Singapore:

  • Marketing
  • Tutoring
  • Design
  • Accounting
  • Graphic Design
  • Teaching Dutch
  • Teaching Germand
  • Information Technology
  • Event Management
  • Sales
  • Teaching Italian

5. Do I have to speak English fluently?

Yes, as this is the only way to connect and communicate with your colleagues in your host company.

6. Where will I stay during my internship in Singapore?

Our interns will be accommodated with other students in shared flats. The flats have good access to the bus and MRT stations, with which you can get everywhere in Singapore.

The monthly rent depends on the standard of the accommodation, which starts from 600 SGD (370 Euro) per month.

7. Is full board included?

No, interns have to supply of their own food. The shared flats offer a kitchen. But you can also eat in one of the numerous small restaurants or traditional food malls, which offer delicious international meals to a fair price of 3 to 5 SGD.

8. Do I have to apply for a special visa?

European students receive a tourist visa upon arrival, which is valid for 90 days. If you are planning to stay longer you have to apply for a Working Holiday Pass which is about 120 SGD.

9. Are there any Don'ts I should know before traveling to Singapore?

In general, there are quite a lot penalties in Singapore. To name an exampla, it is forbidden to throw any waste or cigarette on the streets. Furthermore, you are not allowed to smoke in public.

Before traveling to Singapore you should inform about more regulations on environmental pollution or any other violations.

10. How high are the cost of living?

You should prepare approximately 1000 Euro per month, as Singapore is quite expensive country compared to European countries.

11. Is there a good infrastructure in Singapore?

Singapore has a good infrastructure and you can reach your host company with a bus or the MRT line. You will pay approximately 1,80 SGD per trip.

12. How big is the time difference to the US?

There is a time difference of 13 hours from EST to Singapore. The standard time zone of Singapore is UTC/GMT +8 hours.

13. Are there any climativ peculiarities?

Singapore is located of the tropical climate zone on the equator. This causes a high humidity all year around and high temperature up to 33 °C in the dry season (March-October) and about 23 °C in the wet season (November-February).