Accommodation in Cape Town

Finding the matching accommodation for you? has contacts to several lodges, guesthouses and flat share communities, but if you would rather live alone we can also arrange a flat. No matter if a room or a flat, everything is fully furnished. We will offer you max. 3 customized accommodation opportunities. Of course, it is up to you to decide which accommodation suits you best. Organizing accommodation usually takes between one and four weeks.

Organizing of accommodation

We charge a fee of 120.00€ to find you a suitable place to stay. We can organize your own flat, a flat share or even a hotel depending on your financial means. Cape Town's housing market is strained and this becomes particularly clear in the summer months. We invest a lot of time and work into the acquisition of accommodation and do our best to fulfill all your requirements. We start the looking for accommodation approx. 4 weeks before your arrival.

What services does offer for the fee?

  • Organization of suitable accommodation according to your requirements
  • 3 accommodation offers max.
  • Photos of the respective flats or rooms via email
  • Availability check
  • Contact details of landlords
  • Support with the reservation process
  • Guarantee that you have a place to go upon arrival! 

We do not only spare you an extensive search, but also about the uncertainty of not having seen the flat or room before arriving in Cape Town. We will personally have a look at the rooms, flats and flat share before suggesting them to you.That way there are no bad surprises upon your arrival. In general we are only offering accommodation opportunities matching your requirements and that are available for the whole time of your stay abroad. We are working closely together with some local landlords and gueshouse owners and therefore have lots of experience regarding their reliability and security. We will send you a confirmation and the respective contact details before your arrival.