FAQ - Internship in the US

1. How long may my internship last ?

Usually, most of the host companies require a stay of minimum 3 months (12 weeks). Some companies even require 6 months.

2. When do I have to apply for an internship?

Basically, you can apply all year round. Please note, that the number of applicants exceeds the number of available internship positions. To apply 3 or 4 month before your planned start, or as early as possible, is more than advisable.

3. What are the chances to get a successful internship placement?

Despite the current global financial crises, the chances for a successful placement are rather high. However, our partner will inform you about the chance of your placement at the beginning of your application.

4. Which internship positions are not offered ?

In general, interns may not be placed in unskilled positions. Also, according to J1 visa requirements, it is not possible to get positions in the following branches:

  • Health care
  • Sports or therapeutic positions
  • Care taking
  • Social work, nursery
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Early childhood education

5. Are the internships paid?

Compensation varies from company to company and also strongly depends on the branch and the qualification.

6. Am I allowed to have part-time jobs beside my internship placement?

With the J-1 visa it is not allowed to take a job elsewhere, as you don't have a working permit. You are only authorized to work in your host company. You may only change your internship company in cases such as insolvency or if your internship obligations change from your contract.

7. Can I postpone my internship in the USA?

If your internship doesn't last longer than 12 month, you are allowed to extend your stay up to 12 month. Note, that you will have to pay extra for the new DS-2019 form.

8. Are travel expenses included in the placement fee?

Further travel expenses like flight, accommodation or language course are not included. In some cases your host company may share our travel or housing expenses, but this cannot be guaranteed. You need to have sufficient financial backup.