FAQ - Internship in Vietnam

1. Are the internships paid?

Internships in Vietnam are unpaid.

2. What are the usual working hours?

A usual office day starts at 9 am and ends at 6 pm, but this may vary depending on the company and branch. Weekends are all yours!

3. Who I can contact if I am facing challenges during my internship?

You can always call the 24/7 emergency number of your local internship coordinator. All minor questions concerning everyday life and struggles can be directed to your local buddy.

4. Which branches are open for internship applications?

Many different branches offer internships. If you can't find the right match for your, please send us a request and we will recheck with our parnter in Vietnam:

  • Education
  • Event management
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Trade, logistics and distribution
  • Consulting
  • Tourism
  • Animation
  • Human medicine and healthcare
  • Nursing internship (no requirements)
  • Engineering 

5. Is fluent English a must requirement?

Yes, definitely. You need to use English to communicate with your host company and your colleagues.

6. Where will I live during my internship?

You will either live in a host family or in a shared flat with other interns.

7. Are meals included in the program fee?

ls are not included in the program fee if you chose to live in a shared flat. However, if you live with a local host family you will have breakfast and dinner together with the family.

8. Can I rent a scooter in Vietnam?

We don't recommend you to rent a scooter as the traffic can get crazy. We recommend you to get a monthly pass for public busses or to use local taxis.

9. Are there special do's and dont's to consider while staying in Vietnam?

In general, you need to be as polite and respectful as you are at home. Also, you shall not raise your voice in a situation where you usually would. This is considered very impolite in Vietnam. If you insist on your right, do it in a very kind and friendly way. Don't stop smiling!

10. How much money shall I calculate as travel expenses?

Well, this is surely depends on your lifestyle in general. But to give you a number, around 500 USD to 800 USD a month would be appropriate for accommodation, meals and some activities.

11. What is Vietnams currency?

The currency in Vietnam is the Dong (VND).